At 8D Digital we believe that more needs to be done to address financial inclusion in areas where connectivity globally is challenging, urban areas are connected, however many rural areas are not. Fintech provides for broader social and economic advances through access to education, employment opportunities and healthcare. Financial services via mobile phones can reach the unbanked segment and provide increased convenience at lower costs. 74% of Filipinos do not have access to formal financial channels but over 80% of the population have mobile phones, and we have found that this is something that is mirrored in many areas globally.

The PeraPay product is the first consumer facing brand using the technology built in our ‘core financial platform’ with many more locations to roll-out soon. PeraPay is a proud pinoy brand that champions financial opportunity for the rural Filipinos. The product delivers a combination of SVC & EMV card solutions coupled with mobile micro-banking, used in transportation for ‘Automated fare collection’ and merchant payment systems. Through this model we ensure our services are accessible by all. The PeraPay eco-system is designed to be flexible for a range of different environments and needs. PeraPay is a suite of products which will service over 20 municipalities and organisations in the next twelve months.