With a combined expertise of over 100 years in Tier 1 – Fintech our team is one of the most recognised achievers in this field having delivered on the most complicated digital banking platforms to AI Bots & dashboards. Our team have created major impact in the financial sector by leveraging the latest innovations in technology with a specialty in high-throughput systems. Here are just a few of the leading finance companies our team have delivered successful projects for

Investment banking platforms for institutional investors

In this project new technologies were implemented in the traditional environment. Using these new technologies and liaising closely with business and senior executive stakeholders, the team was able to develop a very new and first of its kind platform to perform bulk training concepts for advised clients

Trading platforms for individuals and high net wealth customers

One of the most ambitious projects was to develop a retail trading platform from scratch. Here key members of the team were involved and led the implementation of a new trading platform for individual investors. This platform used the latest technologies to create an engaging platform to compete with some of the largest Australian trading platforms

Retail banking platforms for consumers

Key members of the team were involved in creating a brand new digital banking platform based on a custom build data platform using technologies such as Cassandra, Spark and Scala. The members of the team were leads and hands on senior developers who worked with all different facets of the bank to not only to develop the platform but integrate data from all areas of banking such as: core banking, wealth management and business banking. This was one of the largest projects ever undertaken and the key responsibility lay with the members of our 8D technology team

The technology team at 8D has worked in financial services and Fintech projects over the passed 25 years and collectively have over 100 years in experience of Tier-1 Fintech. Over this period of time the team has been involved in projects including (but not limited to) the following